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Cadillac National Service Managers' Council

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“Dedicated to the Improvement of Cadillac Service Since 1971

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Next Years Meeting isl at the GM Ren Center     10/7/18  through 10/11/18 


      The mission of the Cadillac National Service Managers' Council is Complete Customer Satisfaction. Council will join with Cadillac and General Motors management in an effort to better the systems and processes of product reporting, training, component evaluation and dealership development. The end result of this effort being a higher standard of quality in Fixed Operations. Council shall communicate with General Motors Advisory Boards on every issue affecting the conduct of our business and shall be sensitive to all shortcomings in order to help make them known to the people who can significantly affect them. Council's goal shall be to assist in having the right product to sell, the systems to merchandise it and the efficiency to service it.


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